July 6, 2016

Whatever type of content you need, we have hundreds of approved SEO copywriters ready and waiting to receive your order. Whether you need SEO website content, articles, blog posts or press releases, we can supply it in a matter of hours!

Good professional copywriting services don’t have to cost a fortune.  At “SAI SEO” we align your content projects with professional copywriters who have a background, interest or degree in a related field.  The result is a powerful, well written and relevant piece of content that provides value to both your business and the clients or web visitors that eventually consume it.

Our copywriting methodology starts with understanding your project and the task at hand.  We spend a considerable amount of time researching your industry and identifying the overall project goals.

Every client project is different from the next which is why we take the time to understand and document exactly what your deliverables are.  Whether you are looking for Press Releases, White Papers, SEO Content, Website Copywriting or Blogging Services; we have the expertise and capacity to handle any size project or task.

Copywriters submit a writing sample based on topics that we choose and that we proofread. Samples are run through Copyscape to ensure originality and then checked for spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. for quality. Copywriters are then listed according to their area of expertise and demographics.

We use a price per word method for determining price and not an hourly rate. This way, you only pay for the words you want and the words you get. Don’t worry though about being exact, we’ve got it down so that we build cushion in to the process to allow our clients flexibility.