Cancellation & Refund Policy

May 15, 2022

1. Do you offer refunds if the work done is not satisfactory?
Yes, we offer refunds in special circumstances where the work is not satisfactory. The refund amount depends on the project type and the amount of work done till the point of refund.

2. What if the work needs to be stopped for some reason? Do you offer refunds in that scenario?
As a policy, we make binding contracts with clients before initiating any work. So, in that case, an appropriate adjustment can be made as per contract stipulations but we do not offer refunds if the client asks us to pause or terminate the work order.

3. Do you offer refunds even after the project is fully completed?
This is a special case wherein we evaluate the problem and take a decision on a case to case basis. But in general, if the project is completed, we cannot refund the paid amount. There is a possibility of additional services provided to the client, depending on the output quality and requirements of the client.

4. Till what point in the project timeline can someone ask for a refund?
We work with projects of all types and scales. So, the project timeline differs from case to case. We always share specific refund instructions for every project with the client, so that the client knows up to what point in the timeline can the refund can be processed.

5. If a package of multiple services is booked and some services need to be dropped off, do you provide prorated refunds?
Yes, we do. But this will depend on whether the services that are canceled are standalone services or an extension of another service. In some cases, we adjust the amount by offering more of the booked services, rather than refunding an amount for the canceled services.

6. If another agency is offering better rates, do you provide discounts to match your rates with their rates?
All our rates are fixed based on the work required in every service. We follow a unique delivery and execution model that ensures quality results and timely turnarounds. So, we charge what we think is appropriate for the value we create for your brand and hence, the prices cannot be dropped unless a major reduction is made in the work required.

7. If the project gets delayed from your end, do you offer any refunds?
We always ensure that all projects and deliverables are delivered in the agreed timeframes. If in case there is a delay from our end, we do not offer refunds, but we assign more resources from our team so that the project gets delivered as soon as possible.